twelvedaggerjack said: Ms Jessica looks amazing as Ash! Will I be seeing you guys again at SDCC this year?

Thanks so much!

And yes you will be seeing us at SDCC this year mostly around the Biowear Base!

xannerz said: I LOVE YOU PEOPLE.

And we love you!

rubenwho said: OH MY ENKINDLERS! Thank you for following! ::D

WE love to support the Enkindlers

Thinking Of Comic Con Is making me excited! So to get everyone else pumped up here’s some photo’s from last year!




Okay, let’s take a moment to acknowledge this guy, because if it weren’t for him, there would be no Iron Man, no Hulk, no Thor, no Avengers! Stan “the Man” Lee, one of the greatest minds of this century and the last century. We love you Stan, you are and always will be a legend…

I freaking love Stan Lee.

Stan Lee everyone. Stan Lee.

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cargowhale said: OH MY GOD.... I have no question crabcat... but my dreams just exploded and my life tumblr became happy


crabcat started following you


This made me Laugh!

Also Your very Welcome


skyzefawlun said: So what are the chances you guys will do some more garage live streams? Those were hilariously entertaining!

Within the next wee or two, we should all be getting together and working on Grunt as well as a Costume for me.


Biotics on the Ceiling~: "crabcat started following you"


I normally don’t make a post when people start following me, even if I’m a huge fan of the person’s Tumblr, but I really, really love Crabcat.

They’re the Mass Effect cosplay group that got to be in the new Comic Con doctumentary. The group consists of people like Holly Conrad, and the…

What Can we say, We love our fans. <3

Husk Mask

Husk Mask